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What is error 0x16 and how can I get rid of i?

error Ox16

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Error 0x16: Backup log could not be written!

BKKMaker v.7.203

Win 7 Ultimate

MS security Essentials

Win Patrol 35.5.2017.8



This is a description of the error I get from MS Windows Error Reporting (WER). I am getting this error frequently on a daily basis, and my backups are not being completed. Is there a fix or this or do I need to look for a replacement backup program?

  A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Files that help describe the problem:
  C:UsersssgfgAppDataLocalTempWERD1A0.tmp.appcompat.txt (attached)
  C:UsersssgfgAppDataLocalTempWERD2BA.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml (file disappeared)
  C:UsersssgfgAppDataLocalTempWERDDA3.tmp.hdmp (file disappeared)
  C:UsersssgfgAppDataLocalTempWERE497.tmp.xml (file disappeared)




Subject should read:

What is error 0x16 and how can I get rid of it?



I frequently get Error 0x16: Backup log could not be written!

Does anyone know what causes this and what can be done about it?

I am using Win 7 Ultimate

Microsoft Security Essentials (I tried disabling real time protection, but that did not solve the issue)

Malwarebytes anti-ransomware (BETA) (I tried disabling this as well, but that did not fix the problem)


The log files only show the error, but no details of the files. (attachment CRITICAL FILES TO I 2017-06-01 13-43.txt)


I am also getting this error from time to time

Error 0x08: Target file could not be read/verified! (Example at attachment



Usually a reboot fixes matters and I can successfully back up again, but such backup failures happen at times during just about every computer session.


Sometimes the problem just goes away and the backup starts working again.

Restarting BKKMaker does not necessarily fix the problem.


I found a repair tool at http://www.wiki-erro...m/wiki/0x16.php but not being a technical type I am reluctant to try it.

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