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How sychredible works?

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#1 Spicyburrito


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Geschrieben 30 Januar 2017 - 23:28

I am looking for  good backup software but am not clear how synchredible works.


What happens after I complete a backup for the first time and then use it for the following times? How are changes handled for the files that change? Will the new backup copy contain ONLY the info that is currently in the source file? Will changes in a file that have been backed up be lost if a new backup  is done? If a source file is deleted will it also be deleted in the backup system? 

Another situation: if I backup a file that has misspelled words and the misspelled words are later corrected and then another backup is done, what is contained in the backup version, the misspelled words, corrected spelling or both?

In short when does synchredible delete or change info/files, anything in the backup system?

Thanks for any clarifications.


#2 AStroebel (ASCOMP)

AStroebel (ASCOMP)


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Geschrieben 31 Januar 2017 - 00:15



Synchredible simply copies the newer/updated file and overwrites the old version of the file.


You can use the preview option to see if changes are how you expect them to be made, just install Standard Edition and do some testing.

Viele Gruesse / Best regards

Andreas Stroebel, ASCOMP Software GmbH

#3 Spicyburrito


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Geschrieben 31 Januar 2017 - 00:32

Thanks that is what I wanted to know.

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