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Explanation of "Follow Symbolic Links" Option?

17 Juni 2013 - 01:59

Can you explain the "Follow Symbolic Links" option? The help file doesn't really explain it clearly enough so that I'm 100% sure what it means:

Follow symbolic links
Deactivate the Follow symbolic links checkbbox if Synchredible does not synchronize the linked objects for the iconic links. If the check box is activated, trace the links for Synchredible and synchronize the targeted object.

My guess is that these apply to shortcut files (I'm running XP Pro), so that if I'm synching a shorcut, it will also synch the file the shortcut is pointing to. Am I close? Even if I'm correct, could you explain in a bit more detail what happens when you enable this option?


Minor Translation Error - Time Display

16 Juni 2013 - 22:14

The execution times are shown as (for example) 16 June 2013, 14:23 o'clock. In English, "o'clock" is only used at the beginning of an hour, and used instead of adding the :00 after the hour (for example 7:00 = 7 o'clock, 14:00 = 2 o'clock, etc.), otherwise the word isn't used. Nobody says "7:23 o'clock". And even if the minutes ends in 00, "o'clock" is primarily used when speaking the time, not when writing it. So you could say "2 o'clock", or (sometimes) write "2 o'clock", but you wouldn't say or write "2:00 o'clock".

Not a big problem, but in case you want the translation to be more natural, I thought you would like to know.


Differences Between Freeware & Shareware Versions?

16 Juni 2013 - 21:54

Are there feature differences between the freeware and shareware versions of BackUp Maker, Synchredible and Secure Eraser? Or is it just that purchasing the Pro (shareware) version is required for commercial use?

If there are actual differences, is there a table showing what these differences are?