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BackUp Maker after a system restoration does not remember what was alr

system image system restoration partial backup settings import

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Geschrieben 12 Dezember 2016 - 21:28

I have multiple tasks, both full and partial. And they work A-OK: a full one always makes a full backup; and a partial one only backs up everything in a given location one and then only new or changed files [because that is how I set those tasks]


But that goes down the drain after I restore my system from an image. Those tasks for partial backups suddenly do not know what [new / changed] was already backed up- so they backup everything from the scratch [so that they will know from now one what will be new / changed in a given location]


So my question is- why does exporting setting from BackUp Maker before I perform system restoration, do not avert this issue? After I restore my system and import latest settings- the dates of copies shown in BackUp Maker are old ones. And yes - I still have those first full copies from the partial backups [and partial ones] and I do not change the name of tasks or folder names- so BackUp Maker should see clearly on the hard drive what there already is backed up. Or if does not work this way, then how? Apparently also in registry that info is not stored [because import of settings imports only tasks but not the dates of their execution]. So what file do I have to secure before I restore system from an image, in order to import to it that info to the BackUp Maker?

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