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#16166 Zip File Cannot be Opened

Geschrieben von Rachel am 20 Juni 2014 - 23:49 in BackUp Maker

Thanks Andreas - I have tried opening the file on the reset crashed computer directly from the external harddrive and also was not able to open the backup maker zip file. I have just downloaded pkzip (standard version for home use) as suggested and have tried opening the zip file on my laptop. I got this message 'Errors were found opening (file tree)\Dell XPS 140619.zip. You can extract files from this archive, but other programs may not be able to open it. Do you want to try fixing the problems? (Choice) Yes No' I have tried the Yes and No options and was able to open the zip file but was only able to see a small number of files which would be a very small portion of 39GB (exactly the same on Yes and No options). Maybe there is hope for me? I think the desktop may have shut down while Backup Maker was running which may be why I can't open the file. Otherwise it shutdown with errors which may have corrupted the zip file - I don't know. Are there any other options to open the zip file?



#16161 Zip File Cannot be Opened

Geschrieben von Rachel am 20 Juni 2014 - 02:54 in BackUp Maker

I had Backup Maker on my desktop and it was creating backup files on an external hard drive. The last zip file was created on the same day that the desktop died. I have had to reset the desktop hard drive so I have lost all the files on the hard drive. I have saved a copy of the zip file to my laptop and have tried to open the file with Backup Maker on the laptop. When I try to open the zip file I get a message 'selected zip file cannot be opened'. The zip file is about 39GB. Is it possible to retrieve the files from the backup zip file? Both desktop and laptop had/have Backup Maker Professional v7.