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#15603 Please clarify PARTIAL backup for me

Geschrieben von 1024bkm am 16 April 2013 - 01:46 in BackUp Maker

Looking for a simple, efficient backup program, I found Gizmo's writeup:

Beautiful program, thank you. And thank you for the English forum.
Trialing makes me ask several questions about "Partial" backup
1. It appears to be or is very similar to, what Acronis calls, differential, i.e. differences from the previous full backup, correct?
2. First use, manual run, made a full backup even though I set it to "partial" against what I thought was to be against what I made as a "Full" backup. I think I misunderstood the meaning of jobs.
3. Given that first full backup, from point 2, with the "partial" settings, next day backup was indeed tiny because I only changed 1 file. I changed two more files and re-execution of the same job once more 2 days since point 2, put the newest files into the same zip file as the first run on changes, so now I have one full backup zip file, and one with [part] in name, not two, as I expected. Is this correct?
4. If what I saw in point 3 is correct, and I make changes to the same file over and over, and run the same job, will the zip file contain all versions or just the last one overwriting first version(s)? If yes, how can I keep all versions?
5. If I were to set how many partial backups to do before doing a full backup again, I would use the same job to execute, correct?

I come from Acronis experience, where every differential backup gets a new file with the full backup filename and version appended, like this:
2013-03-15(N-DataDrive).tib, file date March 15
2013-03-15(N-DataDrive)2.tib, file date March 30
2013-03-15(N-DataDrive)3.tib, file date April 15
so forgive me any misunderstanding, but understand how it work I must.