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How to exclude folder but include some of its subfolders

filter folders exclude subfolders

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#1 Andrey


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Geschrieben 10 November 2016 - 18:50

I am syncing one large folder and want to exclude some folders but include some folders in the excluded folder. 

I am syncing between a laptop and tower so need to save space and want an easy one step sync.

Main folder is "MyDocuments" and then I do not want all of my "Software" folder sub-folders.


My approach:

Created sync for main folder "MyDocuments"

In "Filter for files/folders" step of wizard:

In "Include" shows



In "Exclude" shows



Ok so that should exclude the folder "Software" but include the folder within "Software" called "Solidworks". So I can continue to add folders to Software and know it will never sync but anything in "Solidworks" will. However this does not work because the Exclude command supersedes the Include command and nothing gets copied. So I'm stuck.


To include the "Software" folder and manually go through and exclude all the sub-folders except the "Solidworks" folder is not a good option as there are too many and you can not multi select folders so you have to create a new entry for each one. Plus when I add any new folders as I work then I would have to manually remember to go and add that into the list when I sync.  


The only solution I can think of is to just "Exclude" the "Software" folder in one sync task and then make another sync task with just the "Software\Solidworks\". Which is what I was going to do until I realized I have a whole bunch of folders I want and don't want so I would have many many tasks I would have to run all the time instead of just one with the proper settings which should be possible as this situation must be a common need. 

#2 AStroebel (ASCOMP)

AStroebel (ASCOMP)


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Geschrieben 10 November 2016 - 20:39



unfortunately, by design there is no other option than manually enter all folders to be excluded in exclude tab. We are already thinking about an easier way for one of the next versions, but right now there isn't such an option.

Viele Gruesse / Best regards

Andreas Stroebel, ASCOMP Software GmbH

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