Function overview

Main functions
Synchronisations in one direction
Copy files/folders from source to destination
Bi-directional synchronisations
Synchronize files and folder structures
Target mediums
Synchronize to USB drives/sticks
Support of USB drives (internal/external)
Network support
Synchronize files/folders in/to local area networks
Synchronize subdirs
Synchronize all files/folders located in subdirs
Synchronize all files
Synchronize all files (including not changed data)
Skip unchanged files
Skip files which have not been changed since last synchronisation
Synchronize newer files
Synchronize newer files only
Archive bit synchronisation
Synchronisation of files with archive bit set true only / delete archive bit
Delete files/folders
Delete files in destination folder which have been deleted in source folder
Move to recycle bin
Move deleted files to recycle bin
Filter options
Filter files/folders
Synchronize newly changed files
Synchronize files which have been changed the last x days
Synchronisation preview
Preview of files/folders to be synchronized
Interval synchronisation
Execute synchronisation in selectable interval
Time synchronisation
Execute synchronisation at selectable time
Synchronisation at Windows start/log-off
Execute synchronisation when Windows starts/logs off
Restriction to days
Restrict synchronisation execution to week days or month days
Automatic synchronisation
Synchronisation without user interaction
CRC32 verification
CRC32 verification of synchronized files
Buffer size
Set buffer size of copy buffers
Desktop shortcut
Create desktop shortcut to easily execute synchronisations
Synchronisation warranty
Catch up missed synchronisations
Start by parameters
Start synchronisations by calling synchredible.exe with parameters
Actions before/after synchronisation
Execution of files, programs and system actions before/after synchronisations
Report creation after synchronisation
Time difference
Set time difference for synchronisation to not identical file systems
Pause synchronisation
Pause and resume synchronisations
Multi-language support
Program languages: English, German, French, Italian
Commercial usage
Using software for commercial purposes
Technical support
Right to free technical support