Synchredible - Add-On ExclusiveFiles

Synchredible - Add-On ExclusiveFiles

This add-on enables Synchredible to access all files opened in exlusive mode such as databases, Outlook files and system files.

With the add-on a driver will be installed which allows Synchredible to access exclusively opened files (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7/Win8).

Private License: for one user, max. two computers
Company License: for up to five users, max. five computers
Update License: renews update/support for two years

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Editions and Types of Licenses
• What are the differences between the private license and the company license?
The private license allows the registered individual to use it on a maximum of two (2) systems – even for personal business.

The company license may be used in its entirety on up to five (5) systems at the location of the registered licensee company.

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